ISIS is already in the Philippines!

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As expected, the Pentagon is moving ISIS to the Philippines.

For a few months we did not deal with the singular Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, ideologically oriented to socialism, an implacable antagonist of mafia, criminals, drug traffickers. Duterte at the end of 2016 continued to threaten the US, which are militarily occupying his country, saying they have to leave the Philippines, that is, they have to close their bases on the island and remove the noise; then he struck a deal with China and Russia.

Soon after, the Philippine intelligence, likely assisted by other secret services, finds that “someone” had transferred ISIS fighters from Syria and Iraq to Mindanao Island. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country, but the southern island of Mindanao is oddly Muslim. From Mindanao, for decades, fierce terrorist attacks have striken Filipino people.

In November 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte, made aware of the fact that from Syria and Iraq, ISIS had been infiltrated Mindanao, he publicly threatened the terrorists: “We know that a terrorist threat looms due to an influx of ISIS extremists, infiltrated in Indonesia and Mindanao, we know that they are here and we are prepared to face them.” Duterte also stated: “I want to remind these Islamists that from now on they will have no human rights, I will not allow our people to be slaughtered.” That statement was overwhelmed by the criticisms of the United Nations and various Occidental Human Rights Organizations. To the United Nations he replied “Go to Hell!”, and dismissed the Human Rights Organizations commenting that they said “just bullshit”.

Duterte replies to UN

A new Syrian type front opens in the Philippines

The Philippines is the Pacific pillar country of the United States, always under their control, and according to Pentagon’s intentions, Duterte will never drive away the Yankee soldiers from the country. If Manila or any other city in the Philippines were to face a terrorist attack, the US would have a pretext to intervene in defense of their military bases.

As explained, now that the Philippines has clearly decided to leave the US orbit, here it suddenly emerges, as from nothing, the ISIS problem. The country, from a geo-strategic point of view, occupies a much more important position than Syria for the US. Obviously, the jihadists are armed by “wander who”, and they have an anomalous claim to create an Islamic State in a culturally Christian country in Far-East Asia, which has nothing to do with the ancestral dream of the Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.

The Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra/ISIS Filipino branch, that is CIA-NATO, has for some weeks started its strategy of terror and tension. Al Qaeda’s subversive activities in this country are still at the beginning, but the Filipino Caliphate will certainly be fierce and bloody as expected.

The Filipinos still do not know what expect them, but it’s easy to understand that their daily life will change. Just as in Syria we continually deal with the misinformation of the Western Regime, and hoaxes like the compassionate jihadists “White Helmets”, also in the Philippines we can expect the same frames.

Differently, all over the Western world we only have isolated and unpredictable attacks, to keep our attention alive, to weep, to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”, to bring puppets, to light candles, to put flowers while writing with the chalks: “Je Suis … Idiot!”

The attacks in Europe are designed to shock and get the maximum mass disinformation from the media. Apparently they seem threats or warnings against our governments but, as told a taped ISIS terrorist, talking about the Western Europe: “We can’t saw the tree on which we sit.”

These two modes of operation by Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra/ISIS, that is CIA-NATO, vary only according to the country and the targets set by the Pentagon. The damages and casualties caused by jihadists are inversely proportional and serve to provide us with a distorted view of reality.

Coming back to the Philippines of Rodrigo Duterte, a character who, rather than bending would be killed, we hope that, in concert with China and Russia, he will have the tools to annihilate terrorists and drive the US out of his country. It would be for the Philippines a decisive step to break the last colonial chains that bind them.


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