NK NEWS Presents the 2016 North Korea Wall Calendar

NK NEWS Presents the 2016 North Korea Wall Calendar.

Here the link: NK NEWS Presents the 2016 North Korea Wall Calendar

And here the nice preview from the website.

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Snow covers a relief at the Mansudae Grand Monument in Pyongyang, on the anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il

3 January


A soldier transports a bicycle and supplies across the Yalu river, near Dandong, the natural border seperating North Korea from neighboring China

4 February


A metro dispatcher readies a train for departure at Puhang Station in Pyongyang

5 March


A teacher looks over children at a kindergarten at a cooperative farm near Sinchon

6 April


Two ajossi (older men, or “uncles”) dressed in typical North Korean fashion sit on a bench in downtown Pyongyang clasping small bunches of flowers

7 May


North Korean women stand in uniform position along the side of a road in downtown Pyongyang to watch a parade, showing off a range of brightly colored heels

8 June


The sun sets over Pyongyang, with the 105-floor Ryugyong hotel clearly visible on the skyline

9 July


A child walks past a military propaganda in Pyongyang

10 August


An ajumma (Older woman) carries a small bale of hay down a hill on a warm September evening, while a man loads an ox and cart further up

11 September


Boys prepare for a major parade and torch performance in Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Square, to commemorate the October 10 anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea

12 October


A young guard stands in the cold at the Pyohon Buddhist Temple, located near Mount Myohyang, where a large museum showcasing tributes to the Kim family can be found

13 November


A border patrolman stands with his guard dog in a snowy area along the frontier, north of Dandong

14 December


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