Paris: animal rights lobby signing to save rats

The rats in Paris are more than 6 million and spread diseases. But someone rebels: petition with 25 thousand subscriptions collected by the animal rights lobby. “Stop the genocide of rats”.

From “human rights” to “rat rights”. In Paris the Revolution is in permanent service. Someone struggle against the deratization campaign triggered by Public Health Adviser Georges Salines, who is handling with “the greatest invasion after the war,” as he said. For months, the French media have documented the day and night rush of an army between four and six million rats in a metropolis of 2.3 million people. An attack over all the neighborhoods, from the radical chic ones like the Marais, the Champs-Elysées, to the Champ de Mars just closeby the Eiffel Tower, the favorite of tourists and children.

The Parisienne titled “The new Bastille grip”. Many of the 800 parks and gardens are now in the hands of the “enemy”, and have been closed by order of the mayor Anne Hidalgo, who has long hesitated to declare war, fearing to aggravate the hemorrhage of tourists, already falling about 30 percent due to terrorist attacks. Adviser Salines has started almost two thousand interventions, but with little success, because the new European standards prevent the use of traditional arsenic and the new light poison does little or nothing to rats. “From a couple of rat generate around 950 specimens in two years, if we do not intervene drastically it will be a catastrophe,” Salines said.

Even the homeless friends’ associations have sounded the alarm, the poor living in the streets must now contend with the beasts, besides the bites of hunger they also risk the bites of the increasingly aggressive rodents. However, in the City of Lights, today the far-off of the extreme politically correct, mobilization is taken in defense of sewer rats. A petition launched by a child psychologist, Josette Benchetrit, has collected over 25,000 signatures to end the “genocide”. It’s not a prank, the mayor is accused of spending public money, € 14 million, to the massacre of “sentient beings which by law must be treated as human beings.”

Rather than blame the rats and “condemn them to death, we should find a political antidote to phobias.” “We rather eliminate the fascists!” a petitioner writes. According to the psychologist, rats “are just scapegoats of a purely aesthetic social convention, if they had a fine thick tail, they would be treated like tender squirrels.”

And what about leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonellosis, black plague? All lies, middle-class stereotypes, fake news spread by pharmaceutical companies that want to continue to torture rats. In fact, according to the animal rights lobby, rats are useful to the metropolitan ecosystem, more sustainable than the differentiated waste collection. “They consume 9 tons of garbage every day,” said Pierre Falgayrac, the leading expert of the Paris sewers.

A revolutionary trend that could soon take hold in our capital Rome, already well-watched by both bitches and garbage, and led by a Mayor belonging to a Movement very sensitive to the latest trends, such as the no-vax movement. The rat becomes a political animal. And the most effective metaphor of the West.


Source: Il Giornale

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