ISIS is already in the Philippines!

ISIS is already in the Philippines! Thanks to ORIZZONTI GEOPOLITICI Blog di Luciano Bonazzi and Friends – Resistenza 3.0 for the article.   As expected, the Pentagon is moving ISIS to the Philippines. For a few months we did not deal with the singular Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, ideologically oriented to socialism, an implacable... Continua »
maggio 29, 2017

Pokemon: an inconvenient truth

Pokemon: an inconvenient truth Nintendo is one of Japan’s largest companies on the market. Founded in 1889, it has grown over the years from card games to the electronic ones. It entered the world of video games in 1975. So far it has developed over 500 different games. What interests us is Pokemon, the... Continua »
agosto 2, 2016