The doctorate thesis of the Tunisian student: “Earth is flat, Koran says that”

In Tunisia, a university student took five long years of her academic life to try to prove that the earth is flat.

In spite of Newton, Copernicus and Galileo. Her goal, as stated in the document, was to “overthrow the laws of Newton, Kepler and Einstein, given the weakness of their foundations and propose a new vision of the kinematic of objects conforming to the verses of the Koran.”

It has already been nicknamed “Qur’ancentric system”. The thesis is not so far from the positions assumed by the Church a few centuries ago, only that the Pope’s apologies have since come to an error dictated by the inability to evaluate new scientific discoveries. Trying to go back in 2017 takes a sincere smile.Or a cry.

The student is enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering of Sfaz and would have obtained her PhD title if it had not been for the Net. On the Web, as soon as the news of her studies has spread, a controversy risen and reached up to the palace of the Moroccan Ministry of Education.

Eventually the members of Sfaz doctoral degree board preferred to reject the thesis, noting “serious deficiencies of science and ethics.” Bounced. Yet someone must have supported the student over the past five years.

In fact, to support her on the resurrection of the Ptolemaic theory was Professor Jamel Touir. For the professor, “the student had been encouraged by some American researchers who have sent her some NASA publications” and thus deserved to get to the bottom of the thesis. Then he had to step back.


Source: Il Giornale

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