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Bangladesh religious minority persecution report 2020: The worst year ever

  • 149 killed
  • 7,036 injured
  • 94 abducted
  • 2,623 forced conversion
  • 53 women & children raped on religious base
  • 2,125 evicted / forced to leave their home
  • 40,703 atrocities

At least 149 people of the Hindu community were killed in different incidents and 7,036 were injured in the country in 2020, which are higher than the previous years’ figures, claimed Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote on Wednesday 30/12.

The organisation’s secretary general Gobinda Chandra Pramanik revealed the statistics at a press conference, said a press release.

The press conference was held on atrocities on religious minorities in Bangladesh between January 1 and December 29 this year at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity in the capital.

The atrocities on the Hindu community had increased in 2020 in comparison with 2019, he said.

In 2019, 108 Hindus were killed and 484 injured, he said.

He said that 94 Hindus were victims of abduction and 2623 were forced to get converted into other religions in 2020 whereas the number was 76 and 18 respectively in 2019.

Gobinda said that at least 53 Hindu women and children were raped and 370 idols were vandalised in the year whereas the number was 42 and 246 respectively in the previous year.

He said that 2125 Hindu families were either evicted or forced to leave the country in 2020 whereas the number was 379 in 2019.

At least 163 temples were attacked or vandalised or set on fire in 2020 whereas the number was 153 in 2019, he said.

The total number of the atrocities happened to the Hindu community in 2020 is 40,703, he said, adding that the number was 31,505 in 2019


Source: New Age Bangladesh