China, government sends officials to spy Muslim houses

Continue the war of China against Islamic fundamentalism and the Uyghurs are back in the crosshairs. The Xinjiang minority is now forced to periodically host Chinese government officials. The officials have only one purpose: to question the members of the family on their political and religious ideas to understand if there is any sign of an outbreak of Islamism.

The officials have a threefold purpose. The first is to warn families about the serious risks they incur if they are approached by Islamic extremists. Secondly, to understand how far Uyghur islamic fundamentalism lurks. Third, to demonstrate that the state controls them and that the communist ideology must remain the only legitimate one in the country.

Maya Wang, a researcher, reported the program. “All Muslim families, all over Xinjiang, must eat, live and sleep under the watchful eyes of the state entering their homes. The latest campaign adds itself to a whole range of tight controls on daily life in Xinjiang”.

The struggle of China

The program referred to by Dr. Wang is a system implemented by the central government with which the government of Beijing has decided to completely eradicate any attempt at the rise of Islamist movements. Xinjiang has topped the list of the Beijing issues, given the resurgence of the phenomenon of radical Islamism.

China has fielded around 200,000 officials for the sole purpose of controlling the Uyghur population. And this is not new: in December 2017, the local authorities implemented a monitoring program that even included the coexistence of these officials within the Uyghur households. Especially in rural areas.

The program has now been extended over time. This is no longer a one-off week for each family, but five days every two months. Naturally, families can not refuse the visit of these special guests.

Xinjiang and Islamic terrorism

Xi Jinping has always been very clear: Xinjiang is currently considered the main issue of China’s internal security. It should not be forgotten that there are thousands of Uighurs who have taken the path of Islamic fundamentalism. Many went to Syria to fight with the Islamic State and are now returning. Some, in particular, stop in Afghanistan, which also borders on their territory.

Xi Jinping’s logic is to make fighters returning from the Middle East no longer able to return to China. In fact, Chinese special forces and military advisers have been sent to Syrian and Afghan territory precisely to defeat the scourge of Islamic terrorism.

But the reasons are also economic. From Xinjiang passes one of the great tracks of the New Silk Road, but above all it is the border with Pakistan. The alliance between Beijing and Islamabad also passes for the fight against Islamic terrorism.


Source: Gli occhi della guerra

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