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Don Bosco on Islam, an interview

An interview with Don Bosco dated 1853. An era in which man was free to speak.


Q. To begin with, what is meant by “Islam”?

A. For Islam is meant a collection of doctrines which, if practiced, destroy every principle of morality.

Q. In what countries Islam is professed?

A. Islam is professed in much of Asia and also in a part of Africa.

Q. Islam was founded by whom?

A. Islam was founded by Mohammed.

Q. Tell us all you know about him, please.

A. It would be impossible to refer you all that is said about this famous impostor. I will only let you know who he was and how he founded this religion. Muhammad was born of a poor family, by Pagan father and Jewish mother, in 570 CE, in Mecca, a town of Arabia not far from the Red Sea. Eager for glory and trying to improve his condition, he wandered for many countries and managed to become the agent of a widow merchant of Damascus [Khadija], who later married him. He was so clever that he was able to take advantage of his own disability and ignorance to found a religion. Suffering from epilepsy, he claimed that his frequent falls were mystical abductions during which he was able to speak with the Angel Gabriel.

Q. Only an impostor could deceive people in this way! Did he attempt to perform any miracle in order to confirm his preaching?

A. Muhammad could not perform any miracle to confirm his religion because he had not been sent by God. Miracles can only come from God. However, as he boasted himself above Jesus Christ, he was immediately asked to do some miracle. He replied that miracles had been performed by Jesus Christ but that he had been inspired by God to restore the “True Religion” by the use of force rather than with miracles. Despite all he boasted of having performed a miracle: he said that a piece of Moon had fallen into his sleeve but he had been able to fix the Moon: that is why the “half moon” could become a “full moon” again. In memory of this ridiculous miracle, Muslims took the Half Moon as a symbol of their religion. For the same reason, he became famous for being an impostor and a disturber of public peace, and his fellow citizens of Mecca wanted to imprison him and put him to death. So it was that he fled to the city of Medina, along with some libertines who helped him to become head of the city.

Q. What exactly is Muhammad’s religion?

A. The Mohammed’s Islam consists of a monstrous blending of Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. The book containing the Islamic canon is called “Al-Quran“, or “The Book”. This religion is also known as “Muslim” by “musul“, the name they give to the director of group prayers.

Q. Why did Muhammad make this mix of religions?

A. Because the peoples of Arabia were partly Christians, partly Jews and partly Pagans; he eventually took pieces from all their religions, especially those pieces which could sexually and sensually satisfy the believers.

Q. Was Muhammad an educated man?

A. Not at all. He did not even know how to write. To expose his Al-Quran he was aided by a Jew and an apostate monk. Quoting things contained in the Holy Scriptures, he confuses one for the other; for example, he attributes to Miriam [Mariam] the sister of Moses facts concerning Mary [Mariam] the mother of Jesus, just to mention one.

Q. This is interesting: Mohammed was ignorant, did no miracle. How could he propagate his religion?

A. Muhammad did not propagate his religion by miracles or by the persuasion of the word, but by the force of the weapons. Being Islam a religion that promotes all sorts of sexual satisfaction, in a short time Muhammad was placed at the head of a formidable bunch of bandits. Along with his fellow believers, he traveled the Eastern countries, conquering peoples not by presenting the Truth, neither by making portents, nor by spelling prophecies. As a single argument he raised the sword on the heads of the defeated, shouting: either believe or die!

Q. Scoundrel! But since Muhammad was so ignorant, we can guess he would have filled the Koran with many falsehood…

A. Al-Quran can be defined as “a collection of falsehood”, the most serious of which are against morality and against the worship of the true God. For example: Whoever denies God for fear of death is forgiven; Revenge is allowed; A paradise full of earthly pleasures is promised to his followers. The doctrine of this false prophet permits things so obscene that the soul of a good Christian is horrified only to utter them.

Q. What is the difference between Christianity and Islam?

A. The difference is great. Mohammed founded his religion with violence and weapons, Jesus founded his Way with words of Love and Peace, using his disciples. Mohammed fomented carnal passions, Jesus encouraged self-control. Muhammad did no miracle, Jesus Christ did countless miracles in the daytime, at the presence of great crowds. Mohammed’s doctrines are ridiculous, immoral and corrupt, those of Jesus are great, sublime and pure. In Muhammad no prophecy was accomplished, in Jesus the whole of Sacred Scripture was fulfilled. Christian religion makes the man happy in this world, preparing him to elevate himself for future enjoyments. Mohammed degrades and shakes human nature, placing every happiness in sexual and sensual pleasures, reducing his followers to unripe animals.


Thus said don Giovanni Bosco in an interview in 1853. Words are his own, so the content of the text.

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