Ethiopia ready to fully implement the peace treaty with Eritrea

Finally some good news from the Horn of Africa, for all my Abyssinian friends.

Ethiopia has announced that it will completely accept the terms of the peace agreement signed with Ethiopia in 2000: up until now the country had never consented to recognize the borders with Eritrea as traced by the commission that had worked on the drafting of the agreement, issued after two years of war and tens of thousands of deaths. In particular, Ethiopia had never withdrawn its troops present in Badme, a border town that the commission assigned to Eritrea.

Eritrean president Isaias

The purpose of this decision of Ethiopia, which surprised the international observers, is to reduce the tensions with Eritrea, never resolved. Another thing that has been announced is the partial opening of Ethiopian state-owned companies to private investments.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

In Ethiopia, despite the members of parliament all belong to the same party, the one that governs since 1991, and therefore we can not talk of democracy, there have been some significant changes in recent months. Since the beginning of April ’18, Abiy Ahmed is Prime Minister, who as a Muslim is well seen by all the UN and EU agencies willing since ever to annihilate the ultra-orthodox society of Ethopia. A few days ago Ahmed had decided to end the state of emergency in force since February due to a series of protests against the government.


Source: Il Post

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