“Me, AIDS patient paid for sex with little girls”

A creepy article from Il Giornale.

Three to 5 $ for sex with young girls. The ritual takes place after the first menstruation, so doing young girls become good wives and mothers. The man is even sick with AIDS.

His name is Eric Aniv, he is a adult man paid by parents and the community to have sex with young girls in the three days following the first menstruation.


The practice, as explained to the Daily Mail, is considered a “sexual purification”. But in itself it is a true and proper rape of young girls aged 12 and 13 years. “The girls are happy to come with me – tell the man known as ‘The Hyena’ by the inhabitants of his village in Malawi – Girls feel grown women after they were with me”. Aniv has made a profession of this despicable practice: he earns 3 to $ 5 to have sex with girls.

Men like him, as explains the BBC, are chosen by the elders of the village to “purify” young girls. In fact it is thought that after this step the girls will become good wives and mothers. Obviously, the direct interested girls are not of the same opinion. They admit they had taken part in this damned practice only because frightened; just remembering those intercourses they feel horror and disgust. To make matters worse, the man chosen for this ritual is a AIDS patient and probably transmitted the virus to dozens of young girls.

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