On the UN sanctions to North Korea

CP press release:

UN sanctions on North Korea have as its sole objective to hit the Korean population and the development of the country. It is a criminal act, a real act of economic war that wants to bend the Socialist Republic, depriving it of any oil supply and hampering its textile trade.

The imperialists know well that they can not defeat Korea with an open war and implement this strategy that will only affect the Korean people. They want to see Korea, a country that has known in recent years a strong economic development, and a real improvement in the lives of its citizens, reduced to starvation, devoid of electricity and impossible to any form of international trade. In fact, today’s sanctions are creating the strongest and most multilateral economic blockade that has ever been imposed on a sovereign country in the world.

The USSR would never have allowed such a criminal act. Sanctions have nothing to do with the research for peace. The countries responsible for dozens of conflicts in recent years, that have scattered death and destruction for Africa, Middle East and South America, can not give peace lessons to anyone. The United States, the only power to have used nuclear weapons in a conflict, can not dictate unilateral disarming conditions.

North Korea has repeatedly stated that it is ready to give up the nuclear program in exchange for a disarmament policy on condition of reciprocity. North Korea signed a treaty which undertakes it not to use nuclear weapons first, but only in case of attack with nuclear weapons, treaty never signed by the US. The Koreans have not been the first to introduce nuclear weapons to the peninsula, but the US Army since years uses South Korea as a platform for its missiles.

The only path to peace is the mutual disarmament, an option that has been always and consistently refused by the United States, which for years even refuse to sign a formal peace accord, leaving the situation on the peninsula regulated by a truce.